Ëdele means ''my  luck'' .   

Why choose such a company name? This name emerged from a discussion in which we made the fairly obvious observation that we were born lucky. Lucky to be born in a context of freedom and opportunity. We are healthy, we have parents and a family who love us, and we had access to education. In all, we have lacked nothing.  
Then, we said to each other that we had no excuses not to try to realize our dreams. We had to try our luck too. But our discussion did not end there.   We thought it was our duty to share our good fortune. To pay it forward. Because we fundamentally believe that a better world is possible and that every little bit helps.  
We want to be leaders and inspire other companies as much as those around us, to follow a model also based on the values ​​of collaboration, responsibility and beauty.   We truly believe that parts of society and new generations have a strong desire to convey positive values ​​and want to contribute to improve our future. We want to be part of this movement and take concrete positive actions now.   Our commitment is focused on three pillars:  


The Artists
Working with talented artists is at the heart of our identity; we know that attractive designs are important for you and your children. You may not know it, but each of our illustrations belongs to an artist and we have permission to use their work in exchange for royalties, which is a percentage on the sale of our bedding products. 
Organic cotton
We have chosen to focus on the use of organic cotton for its positive impact on the environment, the farmers and the health of your children. We prefer to offer products that respect the land, the workers and your family. 
We do not want to wait to be very wealthy to give back a portion of our revenues to causes that are dear to us. In order to lead by example and encourage other companies to take precedence of social commitment, we want to share our good fortune with children and families who have not been so lucky. What do we expect from you? Your active participation.


In other words, we invite you to join us in this effort and, in turn, to share your luck in your community. Whether choosing sustainable products when possible, giving money to inspiring causes that have a direct impact, providing time to those around you... Together we have the tremendous potential to be a driving force for positive change.  
As you know first-hand when your little one wraps their arms around you, the little acts of love can really be the big ones.


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