Katia Canciani - The "Biplane" and "Compass" Kids Duvet Covers designer

Katia Canciani

Katia is an author and aviator. As a child, she dreamt of being a painter, and it's in someways that dream that she fulfilled as she collaborated with atelier ëdele. Katia has published more then thirty kid's books. Her humanistic values, her sensibility and humour taint her words.


As the days go by, she shares her time writing, doing author's visits in the schools, giving conferences and... restoring her old biplane, a 1942 Tiger Moth.

Mother of three children now teenagers, she knows that reading to them just before bedtime is the best investment one can make. Memories to last a lifetime.


See the "Biplane" Kids Duvet Cover
See the "Compass" Kids Duvet Cover

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