It all started about three years ago when I gave birth to my second child, my daughter Stella.Joëlle Boutin



I really wanted to create a little nest of love for her. I wanted her to sleep well and comfortably in her crib. I wanted to envelop her in softness, comfort, nature and beauty. But because I could not find what I looking for, I decided to make her first comforter.


At the same time, I decided that I did not want to go back working and that building a small business of baby and kids bed linens could be a good idea! (and a huge step for me who was previously a pilot and a policy analyst working on sustainable development questions!).


Being someone profondly sociable and driven by values of collaboration, eco-responsibility and LOVE for art and beauty, I decided to not only start developing babies and kids bedding collections, but to do it in partnership with different artists that would add their style to my ideas. Atelier ëdele was born.


Some people ask me why 'ëdele'?


Ëdele means 'my luck' . It reflect my desire to try my luck doing what I love the most: creating. It also reflect my willingness to encourage creation and help artists to shine and have their chance. The ë on the ëdele has also a very intimate signification. I used to draw and paint a lot and to sign Ëlle or just ë....for Joëlle.


Ëdele to me is also means that I finally have the courage to be what I always wanted to be, a creator... an artist. Ëdele is my lucky charm.


Joëlle, lucky mommy of Enzo & Stella.




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