Jen & Steve

I know Jen since I’m 10 years old, and I’m turning 35 on October 2nd.  So I truly know her from an intimate perspective. I know her values, some of her dreams, some difficult and joyful moments of her life. And I really love her as a true friend, almost like a sister (she is my son’s godmother).


Jen and Steve were meant to be together, although their love story, which started in 1998, has not been always easy. In fact (and I don’t even know if I’m allowed to share their life like that), after couple of years of being together, they split up and Steve moved to Vancouver, BC, while Jen stayed in Quebec to finish her med school.


One day, about 3 years after they had separated, she told me that she would never find the love of her life, because she had already lost it. I was struck, and sad that she thought this way. Now I need to mention that I had never met Steve in my life. For many reasons, but mostly because Jen and I had a special friendship: no friends in common, we just went to the primary school together but luckily manage to preserve our friendship by seeing each other once every couple of months to talk and be there for each other.


When she shared with me that she had lost ''the one'', her true love, I told her that Steve was not dead. That despite the fact that he had a new life (with a girlfriend) in Vancouver, he was still alive and that maybe….maybe he was still in love with her.


I strongly suggested that she should try something. She should make a move (we have one life to live after all!)


I won’t tell you all the details, but I can show you a picture of what happened to them about a year later (2009): 


I cried. We all cried because it was so beautiful. True love.


Jen and Steve had decided to get married on August 1st, 2009, a very special date for Jen who had lost her dad on August 1st, 2003. She said that it was her way to have her dad at her wedding and to transform this very sad date into a beautiful one.


It was a very special day. I don’t know if you believe in god or something greater than you, but at some point in the ceremony, something special happened.


Jen and Steve were seated and listening a reading when a big black butterfly appeared and started to fly around Jen. She had told me that butterflies reminded her dad.


The black butterfly just gently settled on her beautiful white dress...just like that. I can tell you that every single person present at that wedding noticed this unique and enigmatic butterfly.


Believe it or not, one year later, on August 1st, 2010 (yes, another August 1st!), Milan, their first son was born. Pure joy.


I don’t think that I need to explain that August 1st means a lot to them and their family.




Jen is now a successful anesthetist working in Quebec City and Steve is finishing his PhD in Physics. Three months ago their second son, Eloan, was born.



They decided to buy a beautiful early 20th century house in the old Quebec City, a house previously own by two architects.



Jen and Steve have decorated their new house with simplicity and warmth, adding special pieces of furniture and art. They were one of our first customers, and I thank them for that. 


 Text and photography by Joëlle Boutin. 

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