Baby & Kid Bedrooms Ideas & Inspiration

When we get pregnant and even way before it (when the idea to start a family grows within us), we (women) start hunting for decoration ideas. We spend hours on Pinterest and blogs of decoration searching for resources, ideas and inspiration.


Several things are to be thought for decorating your baby nursery or your child's bedroom: the color of walls, the furniture, decor accessories, baby or kids bedding sets, and many other things that we need to keep in mind.


In the first place, it is easier to identify "the must have" or the necessary items that every nursery or kid bedroom should have. I suggest you to focus on the essentials, because the bill can rise very quickly, and the bedroom can fast become cluttered or overload (and we don't want that)! When we think ''essentials'' for our baby or kid bedroom, we need only a crib and a good mattress (or a kid bed), a changing table (or a convenient piece of furniture such as a chest that can served as a changing table - but keep in mind safety!!), bedding items (at least fitted sheets) and some decor accessories (for example, cool kids illustrations, small carpet, lamp, etc.).


Secondly, we look for the style which suits us the best. Pinterest is really THE WEB PLATFORM to get inspired. You learn nothing here! See below some of the cool "boards" that I personally follow (you can visit my Pinterest to know more). The site Houzz is also a really good reference for interiors inspiration because we can select the room and the style we are looking for and Houzz will select different room inspiration for you, according to the style you are looking for. My only advice would be to remember that you goal is to decorate a baby or kid bedroom, so don't hesitate to try colours and creative ideas! 



Thirdly, it is necessary to find the basic color or the main color. We can begin by finding an accessory that we really like and that will be central in the room or which inspires us. For example, a baby comforter or duvet cover (such as the peacock or the apple tree for example), a cute illustration we want to feature, a trendy pillow, etc. It's important to take time to identify the dominant colors as it will serve us to find other complementary accessories. Ideally, we can even choose a base color and an accent color (more punchy!). I know that light grey, pastels and whites are very trendy right now, but remember that babies don't see well  pale colors. So think of including some more intense or bold colors; it will contribute to their eyes development and will cheer them up!



Your decor base color can even serve as your wall color. Personally, for walls I like the idea to choose a very pale color (for the walls only!) in the same color range as your dominant color or a white, inspired by the trendy Scandinavian style. However, if you make that choice, don't forget to highlight the decor with vibrating colors, stickers or illustrations! After all, it's a child's room!


Berh's website offers a very cool application and tools to help you choose your paint color (you can select a room and try different colors). But I recommand you to go directly in your hardware store and topick up several colors samples. Then you make sure to have them handy in your purse when you shop for decor accessories (to make sure it matches).


Finally, go shopping for accessories! Today, with myriad of websites and blogs, we are served! Etsy is a great resource to find cool and unique illustrations, original accessories, hand-made blankets or pillows. If you like to go to a ''physical store'',  think about Home Sense! You might find very trendy accessories that you saw in your favorite decor magazine at a respectable price. 


Some of the Pinterest boards that I follow:

Vanessa Balinska: interiors/littleones

Melissa Morgan: all things kiddos 

Urban Walls: wall decals (they also sell amazing wall decals!)

Sally Sews: children spaces

Luiza: for the home/interior 

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